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Welcome to South Florida Clothiers, a company inspired by the South Florida climate and lifestyle.

Anyone who lives in, has visited, or simply identifies with South Florida knows that it’s more than just a location – it’s a state of mind. Well, we at South Florida Clothiers have engineered the perfect polo shirt for those who appreciate our year-round sun-drenched days and stylish nights.

Our shirts are crafted from TropicFiber, our own proprietary blended material specifically developed for a warm, tropical climate and an active lifestyle.  The end product is a shirt that’s comfortable and durable enough for sailing, fishing, golfing or just beachcombing, yet smart enough for cocktails, dinner, or the club.

So whether you’re a resident, a visitor, or have never been but “wish you were here”, we invite you to incorporate our TropicFiber polo shirt into your wardrobe and lifestyle.


South Florida Clothiers’s polo shirts are made with TropicFiber, our proprietary blend material of 98% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 2% Lycra, specifically engineered for a warm, tropical climate and an active lifestyle.

We begin crafting TropicFiber by selecting only the finest long-staple Peruvian Pima Cotton to provide ultimate comfort and stability.  Peru’s Pima Cotton is renowned for not only being the longest-staple cotton in the world (a longer staple length is a pivotal distinction between luxury cotton and more common cottons), but also for its softness.

Next, we thermofix-process a small amount of Lycra into the material for superior stretch and fit.  The gram weight of the material is kept low so you stay cool in a warm environment.

TropicFiber is also double track stitched at critical stress points to ensure long-lasting durability. We’ve obsessed over every detail to ensure you receive a superior product.

Why the Stone Crab?

The Florida Stone Crab (minippee mercenaria) is indigenous to the waters surrounding South Florida and a highly recognizable and symbolic part of our culture.

It is a common trait of the Florida Stone Crab for one claw to be noticeably larger than the other, as it is in our logo.  Stone crabs will shed their claws very easily as a natural defense measure, usually to escape predators. The claw will then regenerate in about a year, typically larger than it was before.

We love stone crabs because they are the only sustainable, renewable marine resource in the United States.  When stone crabs are harvested, crabbers remove either one or both claws, depending on state regulation.   They then return the crab to the ocean for the claw(s) to regenerate.  So the stone crab lives on and the symbiotic relationship between crab and South Floridian continues.

In Florida, the claws must be 2¾ inches in length to be harvested legally, egg bearing females cannot be declawed, and no hooks or spears are allowed.  For more information on the stone crab and a complete list of regulations from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission click here.

Why Manufacture in Peru?

Peru, beyond being the source for the luxury cotton known as “Peruvian Pima”, is globally recognized as a leader in the manufacture of knit clothing.  So much so, in fact, that South Florida Clothiers pledges to never manufacture our TropicFiber polo shirt outside of Peru because we are committed to maintaining its superior quality.

We also pledge to never manufacture in any location that employs sweat-shop or child labor.  The staff in our Peruvian factory is well-paid, and each employee works one eight-hour shift per day in an immaculate environment.

TropicFiber Pique Polo Shirt